Proyecto jordano "Juventud contra el extremismo religioso" busca partners internacionales

Proyecto jordano

Juventud contra el extremismo religioso pretende combatir los discursos radicales en las redes sociales y en la web generando un contra-discurso que evoque valores como la tolerancia y la comprensión mutua.

Os dejamos una nota en inglés con más información sobre el proyecto:

Youth against Religion Extremism Project

Participate… Interact… be moderate
by Akeed Network for Development and youth skills empowerment

Youth against religion extremism aims to train the youth, journalists, activists and politicians to fight the religion extremism through the social media, and via creating a big amount of pages and accounts on Facebook and Twitter and opening YouTube channels by the youth themselves, which will start a big media network that stands and oppose the terrorist websites and their media channels. These pages and channels will oppose and fight against the extremist ideology and raise the awareness of the youth via revealing the truth about the terrorists and this will be a window for the youth to express themselves and their opinions towards this type of terrorism using the channels they are good at; which is the social media.
This program will raise the awareness in a rapid and effective way and it will address the youth via their pages, accounts and channels and the youth will be able to share and spread this content and thoughts and this will allow them to create a big network where the council and the youth can communicate all over across the kingdom.
This network of pages and accounts will be able to monitor the trends of the youth and prepare studies about the youth and survey them about the national and religion cases and guide them towards the support of those national cases or issues.
About the Center
Akeed Network for Development and youth skills empowerment
"Akeed Development Company and skills development" non-profit company limited incorporated on 2015 and aims to work inside Jordan and focuses its work in the remote cities (the provinces) outside the capital Amman, Cities that suffer from marginalization. The company is now establishing branches in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and it includes a group of experts, trainers and specialists in all fields.
A non-profit company aimsto developing the skills for sustainable development which targets young people and women sectors and civil society organizations and aims to work in remote cities (provinces), which suffers from an acute shortage and marginalized in terms of development and skills development by linking them to information technology in order to increase communication between these sectors and achieve development goals and the development of these sectors in many of the social and economic fields, politics and media.
Mobile: 0069279695338

Working on this project:

Ghader Mahmoud Alsady : general manager
Journalist, editing secretary of the Youth Supplement at Alrai newspaper. journalist expert in the field of youth and coverage of youth initiatives and specialized in the field of women, youth, human rights and contributing to the preparation of the Global Report on Human Rights in Jordan.

Thamer Al Awaeshe: : projects manager
A trainer and expert in electronic media and connecting the IT with the journal work.
Specialized in networking and social media.
Secretary and news editor in Alrai newspaper.
Working as a trainer with many international organizations in the field of modern media and social media.

HamoodehMakkawei : Executive Director
Executive Director of AkeedNetwork and a journalist specializing in Syrian affairs

Akeed Network for development and skills development
Mobile: 0069279695338